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About José Silva

Jose Silva was a Texas native from Laredo who worked as an electronics repairman. During the Second World War, while serving in the US Signals Corps, he became interested in psychology. In the 1940s, he tested the Silva Mind Control program on kids to see if it could raise their IQ, focus, and homework performance.


Before beginning the program in the 1960s, he first tested its efficacy on his friends and family.

His daughter's unexpected clairvoyance convinced Silva that the children's memory and intuition had enhanced as a result of the experiment.

As a result, he made the decision to further explore the development of psychic talents, which resulted in the creation of the Silva mind control technique.

SILVA Method has been changing the lives of millions for 60 years around the world!

José Silva Method has transformed the lives of millions of people worldwide and keeps on doing it through various forms.​

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Principles of 
Silva Method

Understand the principles and benefits of the Silva method and how you can use it to unleash the hidden power of the mind and find your true potential: 

The Silva technique is built on three primary tenets:

  1. Theta and alpha brainwave states,

  2. Healing images, and

  3. Design Based Education mental process. 

In this educational concept, students work on real life challenges, in an interactive and inspiring learning environment.

The Silva Life system technique promotes positive thinking by eradicating negative thoughts and includes meditation exercises for enhanced focus, higher brain functions, and mind power.

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Theta & Alpha Brain States

Understand the principles and benefits of the Silva method

how you can use it to unleash the hidden power of the mind

and find your true potential.


Workshop Highlights: 

Improving Your Memory:


Today, people have access to a variety of tools or psychological therapies that might help improve memory. However, meditation can help  overcome memory problems and enhance  memory.

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Theta and Alpha

Brain States:


The silva method focuses on intentionally maintaining and using the alpha state of mind, including the transition from awake to asleep and from daydreaming. It contains brainwaves between 14 and 17 Hz. The method enables people to enter slower cycles, such as theta and delta, with the delta cycle being the slowest and occurring during deep sleep.


The right hemisphere of the brain, which controls intuition, creativity, and visual processing, is associated with the alpha level. An individual can place their body in a healing-friendly state when their body is at the alpha level, which is comparable to a state of meditation.


Develop Concentration:

The environment we live in today is full of distractions, and the brain is constantly working on multiple tasks at once. The Silva approach, for instance, enables people to sharpen their focus, manage their tension, unwind, and uncover and connect with their inner selves. The exercises assist people in focusing at work, preserving relationships, and overcoming health issues.

Get to Know More 

Like all coaching methods, SILVA® Method also supports the client to create the life they really want and achieve balance in their life, helping them discover and develop the skills they need. Coaching is not therapy nor does it replace it.

There is a connection between a person's mental health and a number of contemporary diseases, such as heart disease, anxiety, depression, and focus issues. José Silva created the Silva method, a self-help and mind control meditation technique. Through psychic capabilities, relaxation, and the development of higher brain processes, it seeks to enhance a person's mental capacity.


Improving Your

Learning at Any Age:

If a person is conscious, their mind can encode a lot of information, registering it in their memory. By using meditation techniques, the mind can stay attentive, focused, and able to remember more information.


This technique must be used by people for 10 minutes each day in order to be effective, and multiple daily sessions will yield better outcomes. Anywhere, even at home, in a car, or at work, can be used to practice the skill. The objective is to develop self-awareness and present-moment mindfulness so that more data may be registered and maintained in the brain, which improves memory.​


The SILVA Method® training is a powerful program helping with specific Workshop for Children: Kids and Teens

Silva Method KIDS

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