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Night Skies

Quantum Regression Hypnosis

The Quantum Regression Hypnosis Session:

Have you ever experienced a dream that was so vivid but ultimately appeared so ordinary? This can be the case because our minds are more powerful than we realize. People can access the parts of themselves that hold answers and insight, whether those are on an individual level or one relating to others around us, by using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

It's essential to take your time because the Quantum sessions could last usualy 3–4 hours or sometimes more.
During the interview session that precedes the Quantum session, you will discuss about your life to date and the list of questions for your Quantum session is discussed. The sessions then move into its hypnotic or "trance" portions, during which you may have experiences like exploring past lives, connecting with spirit guides, having angelic encounters, learning about cosmic origins, receiving healing, and much more. It always entails direct interaction with the Soul Self or Higher Self.

A quick debrief about the session's experiences is held when the session is over. Every session is recorded, and following the session, the audio file will be forwarded to you.

Class on Contemporary Spirituality Hypnosis:

We are now on the verge of a completely new planetary era on Earth, as the old energies fade and we enter the highly charged, early stages of New Earth's positive Ascension Timeline.

This transition into the new, long-promised Golden Age is characterized by unparalleled, accelerated energies, and it heralds the emergence of a new human, a fully conscious, enhanced, multidimensional form.

There are many souls currently incarnated on our planet who are very aware that they are here to play a significant role in aiding this Planetary Transition. The Modern Mysticism Masterclass is a four-week intensive mystical training program designed to help students fully embody this new human template by utilizing these new energies and enacting the necessary quantum changes.

This Masterclass is the next stage of energetic initiation for awakened Starseeds, conscious people on a devoted spiritual path to enhance their evolution, and individuals who feel called to be New Earth leaders! Each Sunday represents a new 'pillar' of our four-week Masterclass, during which we focus on various aspects of the eternal Mystical teachings.

This MASTERCLASS is bU-Alchemy, and it provides an advanced training for 5D anchors, New Earth leaders, 5D healers, and so on. We'll be digging deep, rising our frequencies, and quantum leaping into the quantum form of ourselves!

If you are ready to honor your original Starseed Blueprint and embrace this holy invitation, this is for you. Remember that a single lighted being can illuminate and activate a thousand other souls. The moment has come!

Bride's Henna
We are all here on this planet with a purpose; a spiritual purpose.  Our souls choose the appropriate body, family and circumstances to be born into to help us accomplish what we need to do.


Signature treatments designed to guide you to your innerself

What's the difference with QHHT®

The 1st Session - Interview: 

The practitioner is advised to spend several hours discussing the client's life with them during a QHHT session. The practitioner learns about the client's family history and asks for the names of significant individuals in their client's life. They go over the inquiries that were made in advance to put to the "Subconscious" during the session.

In a bUself  session, about 45 minutes are spent discussing the client's family history, problems, and symptoms. This establishes the session's goal and rules. Juan Martin typically gives his clients interview coaching. Describing the process of hypnosis and what will be accomplished during the session.

The Hypnosis Session:

In a QHHT session, the practitioner use a Dolores Cannon-created script to put the client into hypnosis, take them through numerous former lifetimes, and summon the "Subconscious" (Higher Self) to provide answers to all of the client's queries before bringing them out of it. QHHT focuses on visiting former incarnations and asking for all the solutions while drawing from the "Subconscious." Neither online sessions nor the employment of other techniques by the practitioner are permitted during a QHHT session. (Spirits and associated entities are not discussed.) The client's Higher Self may be accessed through a substitute if the client cannot be persuaded. As hypnotists, not hypnotherapists, the QHHT practitioner is not permitted to touch the client or provide therapy (unless they have been certified by a hypnotherapy school). A QHHT session might last anywhere between 6 and 8 hours.

Juan Martin is a certified clinical counselling and Transpersonal hypnotherapist trained with NGH (National Guild Hypnosis) TCM  (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Tree of Life (Ancient wisdom) skills not taught to QHHT practitioners or most hypnotherapists.  Since some people are not visual and cannot use their imagination to follow a visual script as in QHHT, Juan Martin uses a variety of inductions (verbal and non-verbal) to induce a hypnotic trance. The client may or may not go to a past life to address the issues brought by the client.  Juan Martin uses his skills, intuition, guiding voice, the vibration of tuning forks, and her hands and own magnetic energy during live session to liberate trapped emotions.

During bUself's sessions, we may encounter lost souls, thought forms or other blockages, and works with his clients to release them. Health, family, and friend-related issues are discussed. In order to identify the source of a person's traumas, phobias, or sickness, hypnotherapy is used to concentrate on the person's symptoms. The client's soul is involved, and depending on the client's religious beliefs, God (Source Creator), Archangels, ascended masters, gurus, and prophets may be invoked to assist the client during the session. A session with bUself lasts between 3 to 4 hours, with the main goals of the session being trauma recovery, forgiveness, and love.


We record all sessions via a webcam (or zoom if online) and the video recording is given to her clients for their personal use (not for posting). Since most of bUself's sessions are therapy sessions and are private, these are not posted on YouTube.  Clients with high profile occupations are automatically recorded with your own private and seccured device (Doctors, educators, famous people, members of  government, military, etc.). 

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