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Work Environment

Promote well-being at work

By using immersive hypnosis therapy, you can enhance your coworkers' health.

A simple therapy, which reduces stress, is fast and accessible to all,

to improve the quality of life for your staff and savings on your operating cost.

Since 2016 bUself has been developing a new package to bring as reality concept with proven clinical efficacy, dealing with the management of stress.


Our technique could be  combine with device to prove and monitor your session on the power of medical hypnosis with innovation in   helmets: our expertise is therefore within the reach of everyone.

Encouraging controlled breathing and cardiac coherence, total immersion is linked with a hypnotic tale. Our method strives to provide you with a distinctive relaxing experience by enhancing it with musical compositions especially created in accordance with the acknowledged principles of music therapy.

Our solution will encourage you to immerse yourself in a moment when every detail is managed in accordance with neurosciences best practices to increase therapeutic effectiveness with the intention of lowering stress.

brain monitoring

-45 %

reduction in stress

after first session of hypnosis

Science is important for our clients abourt our approach. So, everything we provide is based on evidence and clinically validated. We have constructed our solution on the neuroscience of treatment of anxiety and stress and we can validate its efficacy through our Experts' research and studies.

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