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A practice in Lausanne and Geneva - Switzerland
Specialised in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine, he followed teachings from the Beijing
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and from the Academic Hospital of Acupuncture and
Tuina Zhejiang in China (TCM).
For many years, he also followed the teachings of Master King, in Traditional Chinese
Medicine and of Master Hiroshi Nozaki, in Shiatsu and Traditional Japanese Medicine.

Aware of the importance and benefits of disciplines such as phytotherapy, aromatherapy,
homeopathy, micro-nutrition and massotherapy, he also trained as a naturopath in Geneva.

The mastery of these «sister therapies» have allowed him to relieve and significantly improve
patients' health suffering from degenerative, severe chronic diseases and cancer. His unique
treatment protocols combine simultaneous use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine along with phytotherapy and Western naturopathy. His original discoveries and expertise in acupuncture protocols have impressed eminent Chinese Medicine doctors, TCM schools, universities, and hospitals to the point that they rely on him to solve some of their most difficult patient cases in oncology such as brain cancer, neurological cases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, etc.

CEO AND CHAIRMAN OF THE GROUP IRCM International – International Group of

Researchers and Development for Complementary Medicine, Oxford, UK

Did you know that the body is a self-healing organism ?  Experiencing illness only as a result of imbalance.


We shift the doctor-patient relationship, allowing you to collaborate and build a personalized health plan. Our community of integrative doctors and practitioners spends time getting to know you and your individual needs, providing tailored support each step of the way. Our team addresses illness as a result of imbalance. Through a partnership between patient, doctor and practitioner, we uncover the root cause of stress and disease. By uniting medical science and holistic therapies, we discover the intelligence of nature and restore the body’s natural state of balance.

We take an individualized approach, empowering you to reconnect with your intrinsic health. Wherever you are on life’s journey, we meet you there.

Common Concerns

We are deeply committed to helping clients create a foundation for healing. We consider The 8 Points of Intrinsic Health to be that foundation, no matter where you are on your health journey. Whether you are dealing with a specific concern or struggling with chronic pain, integrating The 8 Points of Intrinsic Health into your care plan will establish life practices that maintain balance.


The 8 Points of Intrinsic Health

(Breathe, Rest, Fuel, Flow, Be, Move, Play, Connect) are key concepts and at the core of true health and wellbeing. Bringing these points into alignment is the foundation for healing.

Common concerns that are addressed with The 8 Points of Intrinsic Health:


Addiction Recovery Support
Autoimmune Issues
Digestive Issues
Women’s Health and Gynecology
Headache and Migraine
Heart Disease
Hormone Imbalances
Insomnia/Sleep Patterns
Lyme Disease
Menopause Symptoms
Men’s Health
Mold and Toxic Exposure
Mood Disorders
Sexual Health






Our personalized health concept optimally addresses your needs and goals. The starting point for this is a comprehensive initial examination with blood analyses and check-ups. After this, your journey to greater well-being and vitality follows a precisely defined, individualized path of treatments, therapies, movement, and nutritional concepts all carefully supervised by our doctors. Because for us, each guest is quite simply unique.


The teachings of TCM Medicine form the foundations of our medical work. We combine decades of knowledge from Master Kiu Caracani with Functional  and Integrative Medicine, supplementing this with cutting-edge scientific insights from complementary medicine. The main focus is on natural health and nutrition, movement and achieving mental strength.


We work with the very latest technology and innovative scientific methods. Since we always seek the very best for our guests, we keep up to date with the most recent and cutting-edge findings in Integrative Medicine. The methods employed by us enable precise diagnoses and an ideal course of therapy.


We see ourselves as a companion who stands by your side well beyond your stay at our Medical Health Resorts in order to help you maintain what you’ve achieved. On your journey to greater health and well-being, we are always there for you when you need us. Both at our Medical Health Resorts and at our day Cernter in Lausanne.

And, of course, we’re also available for you online.