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For millions of people chronic pain is a constant struggle. And the traditional standard of care for pain treatment does not offer patients a comprehensive solution. Medications are often prescribed despite evidence showing that this can compound health issues and lead to addiction.

Research shows that lifestyle and state of mind have incredible links to physical comfort levels. We work with you to determine the root cause of physical pain by looking at the connections between mind, body, and soul. Our approach for pain management is based on our comprehensive philosophy of using the principles of nature to guide the body towards a state of balance and harmony.

Juan Martin First Meeting Session

Each patient receives:

> 30-minute phone consult

> 1-hour meeting/assessment with our Nurse Practitioner. 

> Personalized analysis of lifestyle with treatment recommendations based on The 8 Points of fundamenta Health that may include:

  • Acupuncture/TCM

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Alignment/Postural Therapy

  • Movement/Exercise Therapy

  • Sleep and Rest Routine Therapies

  • Stress Reduction Techniques (such as breathing exercises, hypnosis, yoga, qi-gong)

  • Soundwave Therapy

 All Gender’s Health

Women's Health

Feminine Gender’s Health

We work with women through all life stages and transitions. We also understand the complex interaction of all of our body systems and address this by using The 8 Points of fundamental Health as our roadmap for care. Our goal is to meet women on their health journey, with the understanding that each woman uniquely transitions through life. Common issues can include menopause, menstrual irregularities, and sexual health concerns. We establish a foundation for overall health, healing, resilience and empowerment based on our comprehensive philosophy of using the principles of nature to guide the body towards a state of balance and harmony.

Juan Martin Hypnosis Patient

Men's Health

Male Gender’s Health

In addition to taking a collaborative and individualized approach to healthcare, We also specializes in sexual health. We see optimal sexual health as a means to not only improving overall wellbeing, but as a result of it.

Sex is a natural and important aspect of health. Beyond reproduction, it brings pleasure, emotional and creative release, and provides connection to the self and others. We know that it is often difficult for patients to have conversations with their care providers about sex. We ensure that our clients are always treated with respect, compassion, and confidentiality no matter their gender.

We work with all genders to determine how to optimize sexual enjoyment, from establishing increased libido to maintaining erection and addressing erectile dysfunction.

we provide an indepth health assessment  which touches on all aspects of human health in order to support the best long-term treatment outcomes.

Bilan de santé


bU Self

We provide the tools for each patient to become present, fully conscious and ready to dive into the beauty of their unique wisdom. We help our patients build awareness around their innate energy and inner health.


bU Food

With endless fads and opinions about nutrition, it can be easy to forget that the point of eating is to fuel ourselves for optimal energy. This energy allows us to enjoy life and accomplish our life’s purpose-whatever that may be!

Famille en vacances

Take the first step on your new health journey

8 Vital components of human health.


Water Flow

Living in a constant state of “flow” is possible for each of us. True hydration depends on much more than drinking enough water each day. We work with each of our clients to support the coordination of cells to reach hydration at the deepest level.



Your breath is truly your closest ally. Building awareness and technique around your breath is a vital building block of health and vitality. It allows a crucial shift from response and panic to the natural state of experience and wonder.


Body moves

Even when we are sitting still, our bodies and minds are constantly in motion. We will help you make the most of this mobility, focusing first on moving in synch with the rhythms of nature, and then helping you access the power of movement to feel your best.


bU Joy

Joy, laughter, creativity and sex are all important aspects a healthy life. Our practitioners keep this in mind as we evaluate and guide you on your wellness plan.


bU Sleep

Sleep and lack of constant “doing” is an essential basis for health, yet we often leave it low on our list of priorities. We encourage you to create boundaries for rest and offer specific techniques to encourage you to reestablish the natural essence of relaxation that your body and mind rely on.


bU Community 

There is a diverse ecosystem within and around each of us. None of us is alone on this journey and with our IRCM Foundation, we provide pathways for connection through our community as well encouraging strong connections with the communities you are already a part of and are called to develop. Communication, love and interdependence between ourselves and our planet are essential to our ability to thrive

8 Points of Fundamental Health

The 8 Points of Fundamental Health are the 8 vital components of human health that interdependently create the unique symphony of vitality inside each of us. We work with each member of our community to develop a care plan that nourishes all of these areas. Practitioners and instructors are all aligned with this philosophy and the 8 Points are the fundamental building blocks of all of our courses and modalities of care.